This mod makes NPC teammates carry bags like players show them.

Basically, it remembers the position where you take a bag. Then, if you drop that bag at least 7 meters from there (the important position is not yours but where your bag lands), it creates a transport rule that associates source position with where and how to throw bags.

A transport rule is applied to all bags in a radius of 6 meters around the source position. If the source area is empty for 90 seconds, the rule is destroyed.

Basic gameplay

Most of the time, you don't need to actively think about routes. Just play as usual, everything is automatic.

Extended gameplay

In stealth, if you want to put NPC teammates to contribution, you'll need to wake them up. Then, you can set up a simple route and feed it with bags:

Or make full use of Keepers' features and let your NPC teammates do most of the dirty work:


You can define how bags are managed per heist. There are 4 ways:

  1. none: bots will do nothing on their own;
  2. contents: transportation rules are limited to bags of the same type, it matters on maps like Lab Rats;
  3. weight: transportation rules are limited to bags sharing the same throw distance, ie gold won't use routes made for money;
  4. all: bots will carry bags regardless of their type.

Finally, if things seem out of control, host can call a full reset through a custom keybind: all transport rules are deleted and carry objectives interrupted immediately.