Lobby Settings

This mod adds various access limiters to your lobby and remembers its permission settings.

It also remembers difficulty level when buying a new contract and protects the host from clients trying to force his ready state.

Reject method

It operates very early in the connection process and rejected clients will be informed directly in crimenet (so before loading level, avoiding a toxic join/kick) with an error message like this one:

Text displayed may vary depending on the reason of the reject.

Settings location

Unlike many other mods that have their settings in Mod Options menu, here, settings are directly integrated into game interface where it makes sense to find them.

Infamy limit, max number of players and max number of bots can be set when lobby is created:

All settings can then be changed in menu Edit Game Settings:

Steam lobby registration

This mod will also ensure that your lobby stays joinable (1 check every 30 sec as long as there are open player slots) and automatically register it again if it detects a problem, preventing others to get the following message when they'll try to join:

It happens while playing after a Steam disconnection.

Finally, just before you leave, it marks your lobby as not joinable. So when Steam servers have issues and fail to unregister it, this ghost lobby should not be advertised anymore.