This mod lets you issue various types of order to your NPC teammates, including jokers.

Main features


Bots can be controlled while in stealth: host (and only him) can wake up a NPC teammate by calling him with the secondary interaction Stop AI key. By default, you must hold that key for 0.5 sec to prevent waking up a bot by mistake but you can turn this delay off in the options menu.

Moving efficiently

On top of 's improvements, bots won't be distracted as much as usual when you're in a dire situation, giving medical emergencies more chances to succeed:


They can be identified by the icon on the left of a character's name.


Bots won't move at all, even if under heavy fire, and will take back their positions if pushed away. In this mode, they'll crouch down to reload.

Use cover

Bots will keep their position but if they take too much damage, they'll withdraw for a moment and go back once their health has regenerated. So a bot placed near a good cover can hold his position for a long time, place 2 of them and no one will pass.


Bots will go from a random cover to another in the navigation segment they're assigned to. Size of navsegs can vary greatly, it's usually between 5 and 30 meters.

Interact with objects

This feature is limited to actions that don't require equipment. It relies heavily on custom waypoints and taking a good look at GCW's options is advised, specifically how to use previous/next waypoint controls.

Interaction times can be increased in options menu.

Will a bot stay where he's interacted?
That depends if you keep or remove your waypoint from the object.

To prevent abuse, this feature comes with a counterparty. Damage received and health regeneration are handled differently to make bots vulnerable to large squads while still remaining strong enough to take on small ones. These changes only apply to game modes that can have interactions (so not Holdout):

Depending on which options are enabled and the type of objective, the amount of healing will differ. This table shows the percentage that a bot receives each time the regenerate event occurs.

VanillaTeamAIs can
do interactions
Faster but weaker
while carrying
Follow player 100%10%10%
Hold position 100%10%10%
Revive teammate 100%10%10%
Go interact with an object -5%5%
Go take a bag -5%5%
Carry/deliver a light bag -10%10%
Carry/deliver a heavy bag -10%5%


Depending on who is going to be saved, icon colour of a bot having a revive objective can be red (you) or white (someone else).

Assist revive operations

If a character is downed less than 20 meters away, all fixed bots in range will put their current task on hold and come to help clear the place. Then they'll go back to whatever they were doing.

Retrieve stolen bags

Bots can be ordered to hunt a cop who has stolen a loot bag and get it back. This makes good use of when multiple bags are involved.

Using GoonMod's Custom Waypoints

To assign precise positions: place a mark, shout at a bot, and he'll go where the mark is.


You can give a name to your jokers, so identifying your jokers from other players' jokers will be easy.

Filter shouts influence only primary interaction, ie the "shout/interact" control. Setting it to "all" can be handy if you spam that control to mark cops: you won't mess with bots' assignments.

Add-ons for jokers

If you want to go further regarding jokers modding, Hoppip the Shiny has made some cool stuff so check out his website.