Enhanced Hitmarkers

This mod allows you to customize hitmarkers.

Meaning of colour and shape

It differenciates 8 cases:

New hitmarkers

Out of the 25 provided textures, see Pirate H and Pirate K in action:

Textures and gif created by =SB= Malo.

Visit the options menu to set everything to your liking:

Special effects

On top of colour customization, you can define how much a killshot hitmarker will be zoomed in:

Custom textures

If none of the textures appeal to you, you can add your own in folder mods\saves\Enhanced Hitmarkers\.

That's all it takes. List of textures used in options menu is refreshed automatically.

It is also possible to craft a special texture that contains multiple hitmarkers in order to get distinct visuals for body shot, head shot and crit. You just have to stack them up vertically (see the layout of the supplied hitmarker texture named "types"). Note that in this case, PNG format won't work, you have to use DDS.