This mod improves frame rate, mainly by adding portals and occluders.

It does NOT alter visual quality. No textures are changed.

Additionally, it features an improved occlusion manager and faster portals processing.


Using Perfometer, here is a comparison of 2 equivalent playthroughs on Hell's Island:

Optimized maps

Note that performances increase may vary depending on which map is played and tested location.

Big Bankadded occluders and portals
Border Crossingadded occluders and slightly completed existing portals
Breakfast in Tijuanaadded portals
Brooklyn Bankadded occluders
Buluc's Mansionadded occluders and portals
Diamond Heistadded occluders
Goat Simulator D1added occluders
Golden Grin Casinoadded occluders, reworked existing portals and added new ones
Hell's Islandadded portals
Henry's Rockcompleted portals
Hoxton Breakout D1added portals
Hoxton Breakout D2reworked existing portals and added new ones
No Mercyadded portals
Safe House Raidremoved useless assets packages
San Martin Bankadded portals, improving frame rate while outside of the bank
Scarface Mansionadded occluders
Shacklethorn Auctionadded occluders and portals
Slaughterhousereworked portals and added missing units
Stealing Xmasadded occluders and portals, improving frame rate mainly on ground floor
The Diamondadded occluders and portals
White Houseadded occluders and portals

Additional fixes

Biker Heist D1fixed position of SWAT van and police car
Diamond Heistremoved a duplicate glass in vault
Firestarter D1fixed position of 2 street lights and decreased glow intensity
White Housefixed painting z-fighting in main building