This mod is a build manager that uses pd2builder and pd2skills URL format.

User interface

It adds 5 buttons at the bottom of the skills window:

  1. Copy to clipboard.
    To store the URL of current build in Windows' clipboard.
  2. Export to pd2builder.
    To open the Steam overlay and load with your current skillset.
  3. Save current.
    To append the current build to your save file.
  4. Edit builds.
    To edit the file containing your builds. It's a very simple text file that you can easily maintain and keep using as is even if you uninstall BuilDB.
  5. Import.
    To list all builds found in the forementioned text file in a dynamic menu.

DB file example

The builds menu above is generated from file mods/saves/buildb_builds.txt, which contains:

# Keep the UTF-8 encoding of this file or some characters may not appear correctly in the game!
# Only lines matching the format "URL + 1 tabulation + build title"
# will be listed in the import menu.	Build Example
You can describe your build more precisely without interfering with the menu.
The first 2 lines are displayed above the list.
So this line won't appear.	Build Example 2
blu	Build Example 3

DB file editing

Editing your builds file in game is made possible thanks to :